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Master of Science




Johanna M. Blacquiere


Organometallic catalysis has revolutionized the synthesis of complex organic molecules. Methods for C-C, C-X and C-H bond formation and cleavage are exploited throughout the areas of fine chemicals synthesis, with major applications for pharmaceuticals. This situation raises duel challenges: 1) high-performance catalysts for environmentally and economically sustainable synthesis and 2) efficient methods of catalyst (i.e. metal) removal must be identified. This work tackles both of these areas. The highly tunable cooperative PR2NR'2 ligands have been implemented for the first time for catalytic organic transformations. I show that [Ru(Cp)(PtBu2NBn2)(MeCN)][PF6] is an effective catalyst for the cyclization of alkynyl alcohols and have characterized a deactivated species, [Ru(Cp)(PtBu2NBn2)(-C=CHPh)][PF6], from the attempted hydration of alkynes. Directions in metal removal from catalytic reactions have been investigated, using both a solid-supported catalyst and an insoluble metal scavenger.