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Dr. Joy James


This study is situated within an ongoing investigation of photography's ontology, objecthood, and materiality. Jessica Eaton, Erin Shirreff and their cohort continue a conceptual tradition of experimentation with photography's singularity, plasticity and referential nature. The contemporary photographic is both the culmination of and contributor to our conceptions of time, space, and subjectivity. In the post-digital era it is the access point for new durational and phenomenological encounters, even as it extends backwards to reinvigorate past aesthetic approaches. Shirreff's Signatures and Monograph series shift the familiar sensory qualities of the sculptural object onto the photographic, opening up its two-dimensional confines. In Cubes for Albers and Lewitt, Eaton applies analogue techniques to document a reality beyond our capacity of vision. This paper traverses a series of relationships of counterpoint in order to assess the impact of these works: photography and cinema, photography and sculpture, materiality and composition, viewer and object.

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