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Master of Fine Arts


Visual Arts


Prof. Sky Glabush


This integrated article thesis has two distinct chapters: The first chapter is a case study on a selection of works by German artist Sigmar Polke using Hal Fosters writing on the historical and neo-avant-gardes. The study traces the way Polke revisits the first avant-garde project and comprehends its attempted traumatic rift from dominant ideologies for the first time. The second chapter is a comprehensive artist statement which simultaneously outlines the theoretical underpinnings of my work as well as the process leading to the body of work on display at McIntosh Gallery. The research sets out to answer the following question: If, throughout nineteenth century modernity, photography provided an index allowing for the observation of individual subjects and populations, what is the role of the indexical sign now and what are the implications if the index has been effectively erased in favour of mathematical notation?