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Master of Science




Dr. Paul Frewen


Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and eating disorders (ED) are frequently comorbid psychological conditions in persons who have experienced traumatic life events. This thesis investigates a gendered analysis of the co-occurrence of symptoms of ED, PTSD, and dissociation using Perceived Causal Relations (PCR) scaling in a convenience sample recruited online (n = 523) as well as in persons seeking inpatient treatment for ED (n = 12). Within the internet community sample, re-experiencing, avoidance and dissociative experiences were found to mediate the relationship between trauma history and ED symptoms in men and women. Although dissociation was a consistent mediator in this relationship, it was not perceived as a significantly greater cause of ED-related behaviours than vice versa on PCR. Within the clinical sample, ED-related behaviours were often perceived as effects of trauma-related, anxiety and mood symptoms. The implications of these results for understanding the comorbidity of ED and trauma-related symptoms are discussed.