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Master of Engineering Science


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Dr. Andrew Hrymak


Suspended dross particles in galvanizing bath can interact with moving rolls that guide the strip and eventually accumulate on it. They can cause the roll to function improperly and reduce the surface quality of galvanized steel sheet.

In this research, a turbulent flow simulation of a continuous sheet galvanizing bath is carried out using the computational fluid mechanics in Ansys FLUENT to determine the flow profile inside a galvanizing bath. Multiphase flow modeling has been performed to understand the particle-surface interactions by coupling the particulate models for solid phase with computational fluid dynamics for fluid phase.

A strong fluid flow along the roll axis, which captures a significant number of dross particles, was found in the 3D bath simulation. It was observed that surface region in which particles agglomerate on the roll reported by the industry is the same as where particles collisions with the roll were observed in the simulation.

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