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Master of Arts




Dr. Susan Rodger


There is very little research available about the mental health of teachers regarding prevalence, coping strategies and impacts on their ability to adequately perform in their position. The current study is an exploration of teacher mental health and wellness to document what teachers are experiencing in terms of their levels of burnout and their beliefs/expectations of seeking help. An online survey was distributed through emails to the members of OSSTF and PHE. Almost 73% of the teachers surveyed reported to have experienced some form of mental health distress since becoming a teacher. Teachers also rated their Quality of Life as high, indicating there is some sort of resiliency factor associated with this relationship. A factor analysis identified three themes related to burnout (Health/Stress, Avoidance, and Disengagement). This preliminary study emphasizes the importance of teacher mental health and wellness and the magnitude it has on their personal and professional lives.