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Amor Fati


Master of Music




David Myska


Amor Fati, for wind ensemble, is built upon a formal design that divides the work into harmonic regions whose durations are based on approximations of the golden ratio. The harmonies in these regions are orchestrated using techniques inspired by Spectralism as well as the electro-acoustic technique of time-variant harmonic enveloping. Klangfarben technique is used to pass sustained harmonies around the ensemble, thereby stretching the duration of individual chords. These harmonies and their progressions are derived from several juxtaposed harmonic series and, at times, resemble the gradually changing triadic progressions characteristic of some examples of Minimalism. Layered with these elements are the conflicting ideas of concord and discord, and their respective beauties. This balance of beauty and ugliness is a central aspect of the meaning of the title, Amor Fati. All these elements are synthesized into an idiomatic composition for wind ensemble.

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