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Master of Arts




Dr. Jason Brown


The purpose of this study was to identify challenges and strengths of caregivers to a child with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Thirty-two caregivers raising a child with FASD participated in phone interviews that included the questions: "What challenges do you face in making your household function well?" and "What strengths do you have to make your household function well?" Responses to the questions were sorted by participants and the data was analyzed using multi-dimensional scaling and cluster analysis. In response to the question about challenges, seven concepts emerged: 1) Extra Responsibility on Caregivers, 2) Difficulty Keeping Daily Routine, 3) Lacking Professional and Personal Support, 4) Feeling Stigmatized and Isolated, 5) Managing Child's Self Regulation Problems, 6) Working with Child's Diminished Executive Functioning and 7) Addressing Child's Antisocial Behaviour. Four concepts emerged from the question about strengths, including: 1) Change Parenting Strategy for Different Children, 2) Use Non-Verbal, Sensory and Physical Strategies, 3) Stay Patient and Understanding and 4) Locate and Maintain External Supports. The concepts were compared and contrasted with the available literature.