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Dr. Peter Timmins


Although recent work has been completed on the extensive Meadowood Interaction Sphere across the Northeast, little research has been done on the settlement-subsistence patterns of Meadowood complex peoples in southern Ontario. Much of the information necessary for interpreting the pattern has been extracted by CRM excavations and is not widely accessible. This research involves an analysis of the southern Ontario Meadowood settlement system based on information from several recently excavated Meadowood complex sites in the Thames, Credit, and Grand River watersheds, complemented by additional Meadowood data from the Ontario Archaeological Sites Database. Sites in the Thames and Credit watersheds appear to follow a pattern of large camps occupied by large groups of people, possibly year-round, with small teams using smaller sites to target local resources. Meadowood groups in the Grand River drainage and adjacent areas are more poorly documented but appear to follow more varied seasonal settlement patterns.

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