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Master of Science




Dr. Thomas R. Jenkyn


A multi-segment foot model (MSFM) is a useful tool for measuring foot joint kinematics although soft-tissue artefact is often present. Quantifying this error is needed to evaluate the accuracy of this model. This study validated the MSFM against bi-planar radiostereometric analysis (RSA) fluoroscopy. Heel-strike, mid-stance, and toe-off events during the stance phase were compared between motion capture and fluoroscopy. Rise/drop of the medial longitudinal arch showed a significant difference (p < 0.05) during toe-off, but no significant difference during heel-strike or mid-stance. Hindfoot supination/pronation and internal/external rotation, and forefoot supination/pronation motions showed no significant difference between the two techniques. The lack of significant difference will allow the MSFM to be used as a sufficiently accurate technique for measuring foot joint motions.

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