Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Epidemiology and Biostatistics


Dr. Kathy Nixon Speechley


The goal of this thesis was to determine whether the 20-item Measure of Processes of Care (MPOC-20) questionnaire remains structurally/factorially valid among children with epilepsy, and to propose adaptations if it did not. Establishing the MPOC-20’s structural validity in this population makes it possible to draw conclusions on the potential effects of parent-perceived Family-Centred Care (FCC) on health outcomes within this population. Data came from the Health-related Quality of Life for Children with Epilepsy Study (HERQULES). Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) indicated that the original five factor model fit poorly in children with epilepsy. An exploratory analysis within a CFA framework identified a two factor model with 16 indicators with a ‘good’ fit. This revised factor structure may better reflect the treatment experiences of children with epilepsy and their families. Further research is needed to verify these results in another sample.