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Doctor of Philosophy




Jan Minac

2nd Supervisor

Thomas Weigel

Joint Supervisor


The main problem this thesis deals with is the characterization of profinite groups which are realizable as absolute Galois groups of fields: this is currently one of the major problems in Galois theory. Usually one reduces the problem to the pro-p case, i.e., one would like to know which pro-p groups occur as maximal pro-p Galois groups, i.e., maximal pro-p quotients of absolute Galois groups. Indeed, pro-p groups are easier to deal with than general profinite groups, yet they carry a lot of information on the whole absolute Galois group.

We define a new class of pro-p groups, called Bloch-Kato pro-p group, whose Galois cohomology satisfies the consequences of the Bloch-Kato conjecture. Also we introduce the notion of cyclotomic orientation for a pro-p group. With this approach, we are able to recover new substantial information about the structure of maximal pro-p Galois groups, and in particular on theta-abelian pro-p groups, which represent the "upper bound" of such groups.

Also, we study the restricted Lie algebra and the universal envelope induced by the Zassenhaus filtration of a maximal pro-p Galois group, and their relations with Galois cohomology via Koszul duality.

Altogether, this thesis provides a rather new approach to maximal pro-p Galois groups, besides new substantial results.