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Master of Science




Dr. Mark Gijzen


The oomycete Phytophthora sojae causes stem and root rot of soybean plants. The interaction of pathogen avirulence (Avr) and host resistance (R)-genes determine the disease outcome. The Avr3a mRNA transcript level is variable among P. sojae strains and determines virulence towards the R-gene Rps3a. To study the inheritance of virulence, genetic crosses and self-fertilizations were performed. A cross between P. sojae strains ACR10 and P7076 causes transgenerational gene silencing of Avr3a allele, and this effect is meiotically stable up to the F5 generation. However, test-crosses of F1 (Avr3aACR10/Avr3aP7076) with strain P6497 result in expression of Avr3a in all progeny and release of silencing of the Avr3aP7076 allele. Progeny from P6497 X ACR10 crosses showed unusual inheritance for Avr3a expression. Overall, we conclude that Avr3a gene silencing is strain specific and could rely on epistatic factors. This study will lead to a better understanding of infection and virulence mechanisms that will help to better manage and safeguard soybean production.