Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Mechanical and Materials Engineering


Dr. Jun Yang


Inductive sensors are one of the most widely used sensors especially in automotive. However, with the current PCB manufacture process, the large size of the sensor limits its usage in different applications. In this thesis, a novel method of fabricating bi-layer copper micro inductive sensor is demonstrated to solve the size issue. The two coil layers were built by UV LIGA process respectively, and a polyimide insulation film sandwiched in between. At the beginning, seeding layer was deposited on the substrate as electrode, and then the copper coil layer was created through electroplating in the patterned micromold. The coil was prepared after striping off the seeding layer and micromold. Lately, the fabricated coil chips, ASIC, and capacitors were integrated together through PCB board by using wire bonding and SMT process. A reliable procedure of building robust micro inductive sensor was developed with the consideration of future mass production possibility. The good test results compared with simulation proved the feasibility of developing and fabricating miniaturized micro inductive sensor.