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Master of Clinical Science




Dr. Eva Turley


With aging, keratinocytes have diminished proliferative capacity resulting in atrophic skin with reduced barrier function. This investigation evaluates the effect of daily topical applications of a novel high-molecular weight hyaluronan cream (HA-PE) on keratinocyte renewal and epidermal thickness. Unmodified hyaluronan and HA-PE were mixed separately into a vehicle cream. Each topical formulation was applied daily onto the shaved backs of aged female C57BL6 mice. Full-thickness biopsies of treated skin were obtained for analysis of keratinocyte proliferation, keratinocyte differentiation, and local inflammation at days 1, 5, and 10 of cream application. In addition, a cardiac puncture was performed for serum C-reactive protein analysis. The HA-PE group exhibited the highest level of keratinocyte proliferation and epidermal thickness at all time points. There was no significant difference in keratinocyte differentiation or local/systemic inflammation between groups. Thus, topical HA-PE cream is a novel skin care technology that increases epidermal thickness through enhanced keratinocyte proliferation/renewal.