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Dr. Stephen Hicock


Detailed field studies of Quaternary sediments were undertaken during the summer of 2012 in the remote Ridge River area of the Hudson Bay Lowland. Grain size, carbonate, stone lithologic analyses and stratigraphic relations of 31 sites were compiled and revealed two main till units likely deposited by the advance and retreat of the Laurentide Ice Sheet. Based grain size, carbonate, and lithologic data the tills cannot be distinguished and the abundance of distantly transported stones suggests rapid flux of glacial debris from Quebec over the Hudson Platform to the study area. Evidence from stone fabrics, striae, and glaciotectonic structures in the tills indicate that a large component of ductile deformation occurred. Both lodgement and deformation facies appear in the tills suggesting that multiple rheologic states were superimposed during till deposition. The results also indicate that ice streaming was plausible through the Ridge River area as subglacial conditions were favourable to rapid ice flow.

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