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Master of Science




Dr. Peter Lemon



PURPOSE: To investigate the effect of American ginseng consumption on changes in average peak torque measures of dominant leg extensors following a downhill running bout. METHODS: Ten university aged male volunteers were divided equally into two groups in this double-blind study. Both groups performed baseline tests to determine average peak torque of leg extensors. Subjects then began a 4 week supplementation period of American ginseng or placebo. They then performed a downhill treadmill run at a speed between 9.7-11.3 km/h and -12% grade. The muscle strength protocol involving the dominant leg extensors was then repeated at one, two, and three days following the downhill run. RESULTS: There was no group by time interaction effect for the isometric (p=0.182), isokinetic at 60 d/s (p=0.542), nor the isokinetic at 180 d/s (p=0.893). CONCLUSION: 4 weeks of American ginseng consumption prior to downhill running was unable to attenuate post-exercise reductions in muscle strength.