Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Computer Science


Michael James Katchabaw


Emergent narratives can enhance a video gaming experience. However, the use of this storytelling form in videogames is in its infancy. Many existing emergent narrative generation systems are limited in authorial creative control, story world flexibility, user freedom and/or general storyline maintenance. In this thesis, we designed a robust architecture for generating emergent narratives to use in videogames, and tested the architecture in a prototype game simulation. The architecture continuously presents pre-written plot fragments with fulfilled preconditions, providing authorial control over the story’s components and general direction. The user navigates the plotlines and shapes the story through their unrestrained decisions. Architectural components monitor these actions and respond appropriately to ensure a cohesive story. Yet, the narrative generation framework remains separate from specific Game World mechanics, maintaining compatibility with any story world. The proposed architecture offers flexible emergent narrative generation and can provide a framework for future emergent videogame development.