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Master of Arts




Milford B. Green


Using measures of central tendency, the average nonUS-based institutional investor has more capital invested in securities than his US-based counterpart. The present study shows that US-based investors favour manufacturing companies, whereas Canadian investors prefer companies based in natural resources. Nationally, Toronto acts more as the centre of gravity for Canadian institutional investors than New York City does for the United States. Comparatively, Toronto accounts for 70% of all Canadian investors while New York accounts for only 30% of the American total, despite it being the city with the most capital invested worldwide. Notwithstanding Alberta’s oil boom, inter-provincial investment capital show that Ontario is the leading province for receiving investment capital from Canadian sources, as well as investing institutional capital across Canada. Locally, investors in Montreal and Toronto are more spatially clustered than their American counterparts (Chicago and New York), since both Canadian cities are devoid of investors located in suburban areas.