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Master of Science




Dr. Hassan Razvi


Device associated urinary tract infections are a very important healthcare issue. Despite best efforts in preventing and treating these infections, many patients and physicians are still confronted with this problem. Our research group is involved in testing and evaluating new stent coatings for the prevention of device associated infections and device encrustation. In the current project, we tested two new coating copolymers, both based on a long chain polymer backbone and mussel adhesive protein to this purpose in a rabbit and porcine model. The results demonstrate efficiency of one copolymer in preventing infections in the rabbit model. Interestingly there is an inverse correlation between E. coli infections and encrustations. No significant differences were noted in the porcine study, the model itself however seems to have some pitfalls. Finally we identified that the coatings are subject to a certain shelf life. We intend to further investigate the coating and its potential in future research.