Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Epidemiology and Biostatistics


Dr. Samantha Wells


Young adults who engage in risky sexual behaviours are placing themselves at risk for serious health problems. This study assessed the extent of alcohol-related unsafe sex among Canadian undergraduate students and examined the association between unsafe sex and heavy episodic drinking as well as drinking motives, drinking locations, age when they first drank alcohol, and illicit drug use. Data were obtained from the 2004 Canadian Campus Survey (N = 4,437). Logistic regression and modified Poisson regression was used to examine associations with unsafe sex. The proportion of students reporting having had unsafe sex was estimated to be at 7.37%. Heavy episodic drinking (RR = 1.609, 95% CI = 1.240 - 2.088), marijuana (RR: 2.204, 95% CI: 1.683 - 2.887) and illicit drug use (RR: 3.397, 95% CI: 2.519 - 4.580) were found to be significantly associated with unsafe sex. These findings can have important implications for the development of interventions.