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Master of Science




Dr. Peter Lemon


INTRODUCTION: BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink (BioSteel) is one of the most popular sports supplements consumed by professional and amateur athletes. BioSteel Inc® claims that consumption of BioSteel before and during exercise will result in “enhanced energy while delaying the onset of muscular and mental fatigue”. PURPOSE: Assess the efficacy of BioSteel supplementation on anaerobic and aerobic exercise performance as well as sport-specific cognition throughout exercise. METHODS: Eleven exercise-trained men completed a simulated hockey game on a cycle ergometer under two experimental conditions: BioSteel and isoenergetic placebo. Measures of exercise performance and cognition were assessed before, throughout and after the game. RESULTS: When compared to placebo, BioSteel supplementation significantly improved mean power output and decreased time to complete a simulated overtime period as well as significantly enhanced selective attention following the third period. CONCLUSION: BioSteel consumption before and throughout a simulated hockey game improves exercise performance and potentially augments cognition.