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Master of Arts




Dr. Harry Prapavessis


It is imperative that smoking cessation aids effectively alleviate cigarette craving and withdrawal symptoms because their intensity has shown to predict relapse. The nicotine lozenge is a pharmacotherapy that has shown to reduce symptoms of craving and withdrawal. Research has also shown that a single session of exercise can provide temporary relief from craving and withdrawal for smokers who are both temporarily abstaining and undergoing a real quit attempt. Applying two efficacious monotherapies concurrently may provide additive benefit and greater symptom relief. Thirty recently quit smokers were randomized to either the experimental (exercise and lozenge) or control (lozenge alone) condition. While both conditions demonstrated reductions in craving, the reduction was significantly greater for the experimental group. These findings demonstrate that an acute bout of exercise provides additional craving relief to the nicotine lozenge in recently quit smokers.