Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Foods and Nutrition


Dr. Alicia C. Garcia


Objectives: The objectives were to identify common problematic behaviours in cases of normally-developing children under four years of age and determine whether there were associations between responsiveness to treatment and number of behaviours and visits to the clinic, as well as low body weight. Rationale: The motive for this study was to address the gaps in literature by characterizing the population, acquiring data to help establish consistent nomenclature and categorization as well as information to help design a screening tool in the future. Methods: Secondary data was collected retrospectively from 106 medical charts that fit the inclusion criteria. The data was analyzed to determine whether there is an association between responsiveness to treatment and the number of problematic behaviours, frequency of visits to the clinic, presence of a medical condition and weight, using descriptive statistics and two-tailed t-test for data analysis. Results: There were statistically significant differences between the responsive and non-responsive groups in the total number of problematic behaviours