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Master of Science




Dr. Edward Vasarhelyi


Total hip arthroplasty is often renowned as one of the most important surgical advances of the past century. Orthopaedic surgeons must choose a surgical approach to gain access to the hip joint in order to perform the reconstruction. There is debate in the literature as to which surgical approach optimizes patient outcomes, minimizes complications, and reduces costs to hospitals as a high volume procedure.

In the current studies, patient reported outcomes were compared at short-term follow-up using a prospective study design across the anterior, posterior, and lateral approach. A micro-costing method was used to acquire costs related to each procedure, as well as compare hospital metrics such as operating room time and hospital length of stay.

The anterior approach demonstrated superior functional outcomes at short-term follow-up, and significantly reduced costs from a hospital perspective. Further studies should compare objective assessments of function such as gait analysis, and cost-effectiveness from a societal perspective.