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Master of Health Information Science


Health Information Science


Nadine Wathen


Understanding how PHC organizations implement changes to achieve equity-oriented care will add to the knowledge base regarding primary care renewal. Implementation science or knowledge translation (KT) has emerged, with the goal of enhancing evidence-based practice by implementing strategies of knowledge mobilization. Questions in this qualitative multiple case study were: 1) How does a new knowledge product, a ‘clinic narrative’, co-created by the researchers and the clinic leads, influence practices in the clinic specific to equity-oriented care?, 2) What facilitates or constrains the use of the narrative? and, 3) What are the novel uses of the narrative for organizational goals? The Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research and Integrated Knowledge Translation were used to guide data collection and analysis. Results indicate that the clinics perceived the intervention positively with multiple uses. The results of this study will help researchers and other decision makers understand how an evidence-based knowledge synthesis tool can assist PHC organizations in improving equity-oriented care.