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Master of Science




Dr. James P. Dickey


Introduction: This study measured and described the tendon to muscle length ratios (TMRs) of the external oblique (EO), internal oblique (IO), rectus abdominus (RA), and transverse abdominus (TrA) muscles in humans and rats. Methods: The abdominal muscles of human and rat specimens were dissected and the length of the muscle fibers from their posterior attachments to the lumbodorsal fascia or the rib cage, and the lengths of their tendons, were measured. The tendon length was divided by muscle fiber length to calculate the TMR. Results: The TMRs for the human EO, IO, and TrA muscles were significantly larger than the rats (twice as large), but considerably smaller than muscles from the limbs. Significant regional differences within the human EO, IO, and TrA muscles were also observed. Conclusions: There are meaningful differences in musculotendinous architecture of rat and human abdominal muscles. This provides additional evidence of the uniqueness of these muscles.

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