Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Dr. Kibret Mequanint


The development of a strategy to improve oxygen delivery to cells seeded on scaffolds is essential for the success of tissue engineering applications. The focus of this work was to explore the application of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes (CD:ICs) with perfluorocarbons as oxygen carriers. CD:ICs were prepared from alpha-cyclodextrin and perfluoroperhydrophenanthrene via co-precipitation, paste mixing, and dry mixing complexation techniques. Characterization indicated that paste mixing at a 2:1 host:guest ratio was the most effective method for complexation between the parent molecules. The CD:ICs were then successfully incorporated in 3D fibrous mats via electrospinning with poly(carbonate urethane) and polycaprolactone as biostable and biodegradable polymer matrices, respectively. Electrospinning conditions were optimized to achieve appropriate fiber morphology for tissue engineering applications and material characterization indicated some of the CD:ICs were present on the fiber surface. The dissolved oxygen concentration increased significantly in the presence of either CD:ICs or CD:IC-functionalized fibrous mats at various conditions in model solutions. Overall, this study demonstrates that CD:ICs prepared with perfluorocarbons are potential oxygen carriers, and when embedded in scaffolds they may present a viable approach to enhancing oxygen delivery to cells seeded on tissue engineering scaffolds.