Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Dr. Joy C. MacDermid


The transitional stages towards retirement of those with chronic disorder(s) often present a diversity of additional challenges and people look at the measurement of their anticipated quality of life as a meaningful way of determining this successful adjustment. The overall objective of this research study was to understand transition into retirement considering the impact of comorbidity and associated socio-demographic factors have on the (physical and mental) health status. Quantitative data analysis of people (aged 50-65) with chronic upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders was used to inform health impacts in the group transitioning towards retirement; or who have selected or required early retirement.

This work is comprised of two integrated manuscripts that of a scoping literature review reporting on the nature and extent of the literature on retirement transition, followed by a retrospective cohort analysis of secondary data that fills a gap in the literature by examining the relationship and impact that comorbidity, pain, and function have