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Doctor of Philosophy




Dr. Angela J. Schneider


This dissertation examines the relationship the „lived body‟ experiences of veiled Muslim females in sport and physical activity. When considering the relationship between religious requirements and participation in sport and physical activity, the discussion of the conflicts that have occurred with some veiled Muslim female athletes can support the examination of the articulation of sport and religion. In this dissertation, I will explore the application of logical and philosophical discussion as an analytic framework in the evaluation of social, cultural and religious discourse. The application of this framework will contribute to the evaluation of epistemological premises that have contributed to the definition of: i) the experiences of women in sport; and ii) the impact of the institutional requirements on female embodiment.

Rooted in the development and promotion of group and individual rights within a community, 'Ishraq: Safe Places to Learn, Play and Grow', currently utilizes sport and physical activity to encourage young girls and women living in rural areas to build upon their educational experience and learn about health care, citizenship rights, and seeks to encourage full participation in all aspects of public life. Through the evaluation of an applied case example, this dissertation examines the implementation of a physical activity program as a vehicle to support changes in the local community.