Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Dr. Jennifer Irwin


The purpose of this semester-long pilot study was to assess the impact of Motivational Interviewing via Co-Active Life Coaching (MI-via-CALC) on the stress management experiences of 30 full-time, English-speaking students aged 17-24 years. Participants’ experiences were assessed quantitatively using the previously validated Perceived Stress Scale and Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (which is divided into Anxiety and Depression scales) at pre-, mid-, and post-intervention. Three one-way, repeated-measures ANOVAs were completed for each scale and statistically significant differences in stress reduction were found for all scales between pre-intervention to mid-intervention, and between pre-intervention to post- intervention; no statistically significant differences occurred between mid-intervention to post- intervention. Inductive content analysis of the qualitative interviews at pre-, mid-, and post- intervention revealed participants’ positive experiences with the intervention. Methods were employed throughout to enhance qualitative data trustworthiness. MI-via-CALC is a promising approach for university students struggling with stress and additional research on a larger sample is warranted.