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C M Schlachta


Introduction: The ability to identify tissues planes is a fundamental surgical skill. This study attempts to validate a previously developed test for assessing this ability.

Methods: 48 video captured images from laparoscopic right hemicolectomies were presented on an iPad to 18 surgeons who were grouped based on experience (Consultants (C), Senior trainees (S), and the Junior trainees (J)). Subjects were asked to draw a line indicating the tissue plane of dissection. Lines were compared by a modified Hausdorff measure. Within group variability represented group precision and trainee accuracy was determined from comparison to Consultants.

Results: Within group comparisons demonstrated Consultants to be most precise with statistical significance in 14/25 images. Comparing Seniors and Juniors with Consultants demonstrated Seniors were significantly more accurate than Juniors in 14/22 images.

Conclusion: This tool is sufficiently sensitive to discriminate between surgeons of different levels of experience based on measures of precision and accuracy.

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