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Master of Arts




Dr. Susan Rodger


The number of children and youth struggling with mental health challenges is prevalent, and teachers have an influential role in the lives and learning of students and teachers require professional development training regarding student mental health issues. The current study was an evaluation of a professional development workshop designed in response to teachers’ requests for education about teaching children with anxiety and depression. The present study aimed to explore the immediate and long-term effectiveness of a professional development program designed for teachers regarding the impact of anxiety and depression on student learning. A one group pre-test, post-test design was implemented to investigate teachers’ knowledge, perceived skills and abilities, self-efficacy, and attitudes of students struggling with anxiety and depression, and how to identify and support the learning and development of these students. The results indicated that following participation in a two-hour workshop teachers’ knowledge, perceived abilities and skills, attitudes and awareness, and efficacy towards educating, identifying, and supporting students with anxiety and/or depression improved, while their attitudes remained positive. Consequently, the results of the current study lend support for the justification and value of providing teachers with mental health professional development.