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Master of Science




Dr. Nusha Keyghobadi


The study of population genetic structure in the pitcher plant flesh fly, Fletcherimyia fletcheri, is an important step in bettering our understanding of dispersal abilities, gene flow, and behavior in the species. In this paper, an extended sampling of populations across Algonquin Provincial Park was performed to elucidate an effective scale of genetic differentiation in F. fletcheri. Genetic differentiation between sites was compared to interceding landscape composition, and digital dispersal models were developed, testing the hypothesis that F. fletcheri uses aquatic tributaries for dispersal between peatlands. Data were collected on 613 specimens from 15 populations, and population differentiation was analyzed using 10 microsatellite loci. Results indicated a pattern of isolation by distance in F. fletcheri with the exception of select, isolated sites. Analysis of models based on landscape composition showed no clear favoring of aquatic tributaries for dispersal.