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Master of Education




Dr. Susan Rodger


The purpose of this study was to investigate youth mental health concerns and technology based support strategies from the perspective of local youth. Semi-structured focus group interviews were conducted with a group of youth who attend area high schools and postsecondary institutions. The youth were asked two main questions: 1) What mental health problems do you think youth are experiencing? 2) What are some support strategies that youth can use, particularly in the school system, that are technology based? During the second focus group interview the youth were given a list of their responses and asked to organize them into themes or categories using a concept map. Ten thematic categories were created by the youth: Preventions, Mental Health Factors/States, Bullying, Self image, Technology, Mental Health Disorders, Negative Coping, Positive Coping, Interventions, and Technology Based Interventions. Implications for counseling, the school system, and research are discussed.