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Master of Arts




Dr. Tracey Adams

2nd Supervisor

Dr. Michael Gardiner

Joint Supervisor


By using qualitative data gathered from semi-structured interviews and participant observation, this study performs a psychotopological investigation of the lifestyles of nomadic artisans in Mexico in order to determine if the spaces created through the performance of such lifestyles are conducive to the germination of Temporary Autonomous Zones (Bey, 1990). In so doing, it analyzes these artisans' understandings and performances of time, space and mobility and the ways in which they lend themselves to free demonstrations of creative activity. It also examines whether or not such free expressions of creative activity, which are a fundamental part of these alternative lifestyles, are coupled with demonstrations of psychic nomadism and a rejection of psychic imperialism. Overall, the findings suggest that the lifestyles of these artisans may be conducive to the germination of a TAZ. However, such an occurrence is largely dependent on the artisans' subjective intentions and the achievement of unity among them.