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Doctor of Philosophy


Electrical and Computer Engineering


The objective of this thesis is theoretical investigations and numerical simulations of Two Way Relay Channel (TWRC) systems, particularly in an impulsive noise environment. Special attention is given to investigation of a TWRC system based on polarized antennas. The first part of the thesis focuses on modelling of impulsive noise and the effect of impulsive noise on TWRC systems. The study was conducted by simulating the wireless TWRC models in the presence of impulsive noise. The bit error probability performance of the channel data was compared and at last their results are shown by graphs. The study has been further extended to multi antenna TWRC systems. Simulation analysis of multi antenna TWRC systems in an impulsive noise environment was conducted by using a MISO Alamouti scheme and a MIMO system. The second part of the thesis dedicated to investigation of TWRC polarization systems. A new TWRC scheme based on polarized antennas has been proposed and simulated. By polarization we are able to achieve higher spectral efficiency through the use of spatial multiplexing, and improve the reliability by spatial diversity. A new network topology based on TWRC polarization systems proposed. It is well suited to mitigate effect of delay in a communication system, particularly for high priority data transmission, or increase reliability of a communication system by redundant transmission.