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Master of Engineering Science


Mechanical and Materials Engineering


Jun Yang


Flexible and printable electronics are attractive techniques which are believed to be widespread and occupy huge market. However, low conductivity, nozzle clog because of the accumulation of nano-particles and relative high cost (expensive silver/copper nanoparticle inks) limit its appeal. In this thesis, two new effective and convenient methods of fabricating copper patterns with high conductivity and strong adhesion on flexible photopaper and polymer substrates (PET) are demonstrated, solving all those problems. Functional photopaper and PET substrate was prepared with inkjet printing of a palladium salt solution and hyperthermal hydrogen induced cross-linking (HHIC) polyelectrolytes onto its surface respectively, followed by electroless deposition of copper, creating high quality flexible copper patterns on different substrates. The developed technique was successfully applied for fabricating functional flexible circuits such as radio frequency identification devices (RFID) antenna, micro-inductive coil and complex circuit board.

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