Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Computer Science


Dr. Michael James Katchabaw


Augmented reality (AR) technologies are becoming increasingly popular as a result of the increase in the power of mobile computing devices. Emerging AR applications have the potential to have an enormous impact on industries such as education, healthcare, research, training and entertainment. There are currently a number of augmented reality toolkits and libraries available for the development of these applications; however, there is currently no standard tool for development. In this thesis we propose a modular approach to the organization and development of AR systems in order to enable the creation novel AR experiences. We also investigate the incorporation of the framework that resulted from our approach into game engines to enable the creation and visualization of immersive virtual reality experiences. We address issues in the development process of AR systems and provide a solution for reducing the time, cost and barrier of entry for development while simultaneously providing a framework in which researchers can test and apply advanced augmented reality technologies.