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Dr. Jim Karagiannis


The fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe activates regulatory networks that promote the faithful execution of cytokinesis in response to drugs that perturb the cytokinesis machinery. In order to identify novel components of these networks, a screen for mutants hyper-sensitive to the actin depolymerizing drug LatrunculinA (LatA) was previously performed. This screen identified a transcription factor, Pap1p, which is orthologous to the mammalian stress activated transcription factor, AP-1. Through molecular and genetic analysis, I showed that the deletion mutant of pap1 is sensitive to LatA and that it cannot maintain the integrity of the actomyosin ring upon LatA treatment leading to cytokinesis failure. I also demonstrated that Pap1p is imported to the nucleus upon LatA challenge. Finally, I showed that nuclear translocation of Pap1p is important for its role in the cytokinesis monitoring system. Translocation was also important to the colony forming abilities of S. pombe cells and for their viability. In summary, I concluded that nuclear import of Pap1p is crucial for the proper function and regulation of the cytokinesis monitoring system.

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