Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Mechanical and Materials Engineering


Dr. Jun Yang


Inductive position/angle sensors are widely used in vehicles and have very bright market prospects. However, the current sensor designs often suffer from high space consuming which increases the assembly size of vehicle parts. In addition, the high emission of traditional inductive sensors can cause the interference with other electronic components. In this dissertation, a novel and reliable microfabrication process was developed to fabricate a newly designed miniaturized inductive sensor for gas pedal use. The HFSS simulation has proved that the newly developed inductive sensor could provide sufficient sensitivity to meet the sensing requirements. The performance of the sensor was well studied by the quality ensuring inter-process tests, the performance test and the system integration tests. The final prototype was developed and the test results showed that the properties of the devices were consistent with the simulation. This research project has led to a better understanding of developing miniaturized inductive sensor and microfabrication processes for fabricating vehicle sensors.