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Master of Science




Lining Tian


Histone acetylation is one of the vital reversible modifications in eukaryotes. Histone acetyltransferases (HATs) and histone deacetylases (HDACs) maintain the homeostasis of histone acetylation. HATs are associated with genome-wide transcriptional activation and various biological processes in response to various stresses. Drought stress causes a range of physiological and biochemical responses in plants. Eight HATs which belong to four different families (CBP, GNAT, MYST, and TAFII250 family) have been identified in rice. In this research, four OsHATs, one from each family, were chosen based on in silico domain and promoter analysis. The real-time qPCR analysis demonstrated that drought stress caused a significant increase in the expression of all four OsHATs (OsHAC703, OsHAG703, OsHAF701 and OsHAM701). Additionally, the western-blot analysis showed that the acetylation level on certain lysine sites of histone H3 (K9, K18 and K27) and H4 (K5) increased accordingly, implicating OsHATs are involved in drought stress responses in rice.