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Master of Science




Oleg A. Semenikhin


The charge storage properties of several potential materials for battery applications have been investigated. Poly(bithiophene) films were prepared by potentiostatic and potentiodynamic electropolymerization methods. These films were then subject to galvanic cycles at varying rates and to various potential limits in order to explore their use as electrodes in a battery. Potentiodynamically deposited films retain their charge better over multiple cycles. By comparing to data collected by atomic force microscopy, we conclude that these films are less crystalline than films deposited potentiostatically and are better suited for the volume changes that occur when being charged and discharged.

Amorphous carbon nitride films of various nitrogen contents were deposited on to aluminum substrates and subjected to galvanic cycles at varying currents in a solution containing lithium hexafluorophosphate. It is demonstrated that amorphous carbon nitride could potentiall be a candidate to replace graphite used as an anode in traditional lithium-ion batteries.