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Master of Science




Dr. Susanne Kohalmi


The final step of phenylalanine biosynthesis in planta is catalyzed by arogenate dehydratases (ADTs). Previously cloned ADT-CFP fusion genes were used to provide an in depth study of the subcellular localization of all six ADTs from Arabidopsis thaliana. Through co-localization of ADT-CFPs with a stroma-marker it is shown that most ADTs localize to stroma-filled projections from chloroplasts called stromules. The localization of ADT5 and ADT2 provide evidence for additional, non-enzymatic roles. In the case of ADT5, it is found to localize to the nucleus, suggestive of an uncharacterized nuclear role. The localization patterns of ADT2 are suggestive of a role in chloroplast division. This secondary role is investigated through analysis of localization patterns in N. benthamiana, A. thaliana and several chloroplast division mutants. In addition, chloroplast morphology is examined in adt2 mutant plants, and the effect of this mutation on the localization of a known chloroplast division protein is examined.

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