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Master of Science


Epidemiology and Biostatistics


Dr. Samantha Wells


A population known for substantial violence is the substance abuse treatment population. This study assessed: (1) extent of violence, (2) personality and mental health correlates of violence, and (3) sex differences in correlates of violence. Data were obtained from the Patterns and Consequences of Cocaine and Alcohol Use for Substance Abuse Treatment Clients Study (N = 403). Logistic regression with backward elimination procedures and modified Poisson regression were used to assess the study objectives. Violence was reported by 44% of treatment clients. Furthermore, number of other drugs used per week (RR: 1.124, 95% CI: 1.063 - 1.189) and aggressive personality (RR: 1.043, 95% CI: 1.031 – 1.055) were significantly associated with an increased likelihood of violence. Finally, there was no evidence for sex-differences in correlates of violence. These findings suggest that screening for violence and addressing pertinent risk factors during treatment may be needed to reduce violence within this population.

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