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Master of Arts




Dr. Tania Granadillo


This research examines the ideological and social dynamics that govern the use of the Irish language by a network of speakers and learners in Southern and Eastern Ontario. In what follows, I investigate the invocation of powerful historical discourses and symbolic references that has resulted in the creation of a vibrant network dedicated to reviving Irish in a diasporic setting through immersion. Using Irish at language immersion events is informed by diverse factors – levels of participant fluency, the prevalence of language-specific acquisition and socialization strategies, as well as by the need of attendees to talk about their stories and identities. While the institutional goals of using Irish wherever possible is relatively straightforward, this research explores the complicated ideological landscape that informs the language choices that individuals make in their negotiation of these events in order to highlight factors that complicate the goal of language revitalization by a community in diaspora.