Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Joy C Macdermid


This thesis investigated the short term and long term outcomes of patients who underwent treatment for lateral epicondylosis (LE). The first manuscript compared the immediate effects of counterforce brace versus kinesiotaping on pain free grip during a repetitive upper extremity reaching task in thirty patients (n=30) with LE. The study found kinesiotape to be superior over bracing as it not only improved immediate pain free grip strength by 17.5% but also maintained this during activity as compared to brace which had a smaller improvement of 9.3%. The second manuscript determined the extent of work disability/limitations experienced by patients (n=32) following lateral arthroscopic release and how it is influenced by demographic, occupational and worker’s compensation status. Patients in this cohort reported substantial work limitations when compared to other chronic conditions. Force and repetition of work tasks were identified as the most significant predictors of work disability.