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Dr. Omar Daniel


Kontakt is a c. 14-minute composition for string orchestra and audio signal processing that deals with imitation and ensemble communication. The first and third section of the piece consist of a collection of sound objects. The second section uses one of these objects to form a collection of palindromic motives, phrases and subsections. The pitch material consists of a slowly evolving cell containing three intervals at a time. The piece uses Max/MSP software to create delay networks, for live recording and playback of audio material, harmonization of live material, and quadraphonic sound diffusion. In Kontakt, ensemble communication is explored using canonic, spatial, textural, timbral, and electroacoustic effects. A three-part interplay consisting of 1) performing acoustic material, 2) digital processing and 3) interpretation of the processed material creates a deep connection between the acoustic and electroacoustic elements in the piece.

Michael Lukaszuk - Kontakt - April 2nd, 2013 - patch (use presentation mode).maxpat (156 kB)
Max/MSP patch - also contains some additional info about electroacoustic cues

Michael Lukaszuk - Kontakt (MIDI playback) April 2013.mp3 (32860 kB)
MIDI playback recording

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