Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Dr. Rajiv K. Varma


The integration of distributed generators (DGs) such as wind farms and PV solar farms in distribution networks is getting severely constrained due to problems of steady state voltage rise and temporary overvoltages (TOV). This thesis presents a first time application of a patent-pending PV solar farm control as a dynamic reactive power compensator (STATCOM), termed PV-STATCOM, for mitigating the voltage rise and TOV issues, and significantly enhancing the connectivity of a neighbouring wind farm both during night and day in a realistic distribution feeder in Ontario. The effectiveness of PV-STATCOM is demonstrated even if the solar farm is located 30 km away from wind farm on a common distribution line. The PV-STATCOM utilizes the entire inverter capacity in the nighttime and the inverter capacity remaining after solar power generation during daytime. A novel control of full converter based wind farm as Wind-STATCOM for substantially increasing the connectivity of a neighbouring PV solar farm is also described. The Wind-STATCOM employs the inverter capacity left after that needed for wind power production, both during night and day. Subsequently, a new combined application of PV-STATCOM and Wind-STATCOM to improve the connectivities of both solar farm and wind farm to significantly high levels in a common distribution feeder is presented. These studies have been conducted for the first time in known literature. Commercial grade software PSS/E and PSCAD/EMTDC are used to evaluate the steady state voltage profile and TOVs, respectively, in distribution feeder having different Reactance (X) /Resistance (R) ratios.