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Master of Science




Dr. Robert van Huystee


The roles of heme-, calcium- and glycan moieties on the peanut peroxidase enzyme activity have been previously studied. While the 3-D protein structure is known and some information about the glycan chain is known, due to uneven distribution of the 5 glycans, only a partial understanding of the furthest sugar groups on the 16 glycan chain was available. Now, having used gel-filtration column chromatography followed by lectin affinity column work, I showed that there is a rich array of galactose there. Moreover, I determined that not too many of the sugars are removed in the culture period of 14 days. Alternatively, I can also suggest that still a large amount of peroxidase is released by the end of the 14-day culturing period. These released proteins have not had the time to lose their sugars; while the enzyme that was released at the beginning of the incubation period had lost sugars.